ANNOUNCEMENT! - August 6, 2014

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Dani says:

Hey everyone! Don’t be worried! This doesn’t mean for one second that I’m going to stop making Garden Variety comics- just that I need to focus on writing an actual story. I have been pretty sick lately and it’s hard trying to focus on the comic, so I’m so sorry for not updating. Once we get everything figured out with my health, and when the summer is over (and I’ll be spending more time inside for the fall/winter) expect more comics! Also, updates and concept art for Shinola.

Fun fact: Shinola is a shoe polish from the turn of the century.

Thanks for being so wonderful, everyone!

momma says:

Hey Dani! I love the idea of you writing a western called ‘Shinola’! It was a great polish and will be a new beginning for you as your health is ‘polished’ up too :) Your Uncle Steve would’ve been proud of you, for sure. I’m happy to hear that you are not giving up Garden Variety since I love everything about it. You have my love and support!

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