We’ve Been Busy… - April 26, 2015

weve been busy


Dani says:


One Saturday I went with a couple of my girlfriends to Yellowstone to cycle before it was reopened for cars! We ran into A LOT of bison. It was super neat!

We have been doing a lot of hiking lately. Since this winter has been so mild. we have been taking advantage of it and hiking almost every weekend. It’s helped Chris stay sane during his last semester at school.

Tyr has cancer… We’re trying to keep him as happy and comfortable as possible. He’s still his sweet, cuddly self!

Chris, my parents, and I went to SoCal over Spring Break; however, it was for my Grandfather’s passing. His funeral was touching. That SoCal heat is just horrible, man.

Also, my hair is blue again! To celebrate our *almost* one year anniversary!

I will be updating more, especially since Chris will be finishing school soon! Cheers!

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